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Brook usability evaluation / Digital / User-centred Design / UX
January 2016

During my MSc at UCL, I was commissioned to work in a real world project for the module Understanding Usability and Use(U3) with professor Ann Blandford.

The required task was conducting usability research for Brook’s website, a young people’s sexual health & wellbeing charity based in England for addressing it’s users most frequent problems. For instance, most Brook’s users navigate in a state of emergency, looking for a center to contact, online help, contraception methods, abortion and fail to do so for a number of different unknown reasons.


Section of the report depicting main findings in Think-aloud methods.


Section of the report depicting findings in thematic analysis of interviews around the platform’s functionalities.

Each student could decide on a particular section of the website to focus on. I centred my study into the homepage’s layout and links to the main pages the users mostly needed solving. I conducted studies from three data gathering methods: Web Analytics, Expert Analysis (3 heuristic evaluations and 1 expert review from tech professionals with more than 5 years of experience) and Qualitative Data (2 semi-structured interviews, 5 semi-structured questionnaires and 5 think-aloud methods from 18 to 25 years old representatives of the target audience based in London).


Overall review of condensed main findings in the report.

The results of the study were collated in a report for Brook’s website development team to address. Among most usability problems found related to:

– Illustrations use
– Too many options
– Mobile search and mobile design was deficient
– Section’s name ‘find a service’ was not properly used and was a confusing naming

A few month laters a report from Brook explained how they utilised this information to make changes on the UX of their website and how this experience was success in improving their organic traffic and google rankings.