• hex-portada-interior
HEX / Digital Artwork / Visual Experimentation
November 2016

HEX is a experimentation project for coding a webpage as an artwork, which refers to the work of Rafaël Rozendaal.


Desktop version.

The purpose is to develop an interactive web experience in which the interaction on the surface of the site reacts in playful and colourful manners.

The web is divided by 10 stripes of color that change randomly upon mouse movement, creating millions of possible color combinations. The website is designed to be responsive with the purpose of being displayed in tablets and mobile phones.


Mobile version.

Although I have to code better support for mobile and tablets and web explorers, the results allowed me to think towards other mediums, perhaps transferring interactivity towards, for example, wall screenings that interact with the movement of passing people to explore playfulness around the city.