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Idealizaciones / Expo / Artwork / Visual Experimentation
November 2016

During 2015 I commissioned myself the goal to exhibit for the first time the artworks I have being doing since the last ten years before embarking myself into studying a one year MSc at University College London in September.


Framed into this concrete goal, I planned to exhibit a very recent series on form and colour, based on my recent interest in abstract art and minimalism in conjunction with my older pieces of work for people to buy.

During several months I drew more than 40 different explorations with ink and black Ecoline colours, testing shapes and abstract figures, which were later curated by my fellow designer friends Ian Campbell and Pablo Serrano into 12 main framed works to exhibit.


The day of the exhibition at Casa en Blanco.

The exhibition was held at a small gallery in Santiago, Casa en Blanco.

All the drawings in 20 seconds.