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Loogares / Digital / Entrepreneurship / Startup / User-centred Design / UX/UI
November 2016

Founder and Head of Design

Loogares was a local search and review site for Latin America which connected people with commercial & cultural places in their city, allowing users to interact through the sharing of opinions and reviews regarding the places they visit.


Desktop and mobile designs of the last version of Loogares.

Loogares was both my academic and professional project because I started it during my last year of university, becoming my graduation thesis. Further on, Loogares became my profession and I continued working on it during 5 more years. I can say it has been the most challenging work I have ever done, because I had to become much more than a designer for it. My partners and I had to turn into experts in entrepreneurship, technology and business.


Low-fidelity mockup of the user journey and functionalities of the Loogares Mobile App.

All in all, my work focused into leading and team managing the UX/UI, Content and Marketing strategies in Chile and Argentina, developing 5 versions and a mobile app, along with daily optimisations. Throughout its life, Loogares received more than 3 million unique visits, had presence in 10 countries, reached breakeven in Q3 2013 and became accelerated by Start-up Chile, NXTP Labs in Argentina and UDD Ventures, CORFO.

One of the main lessons in this design experience is that you will never be in the ideal position and that you will always have to face major constraints in technology, costs or vision. Also, when working for a massive audience it is very difficult to implement changes given that even the little ones can gravely affect in your key business and performance indicators if it is not carefully designed, developed and tested. At times this can be overwhelming, however when things shine and you have good response from your users you feel like you are on top of the world.


Loogares team in the Latam press.