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MIDAS / Digital
November 2016

MIDAS is a collective formed by architects and designers that focuses on helping architectural firms, designers and other creative industries in their communication and branding strategies from a creative and multidisciplinary perspective.


Screenshot of first layout proposal.

MIDAS projects expanded and the office needed to show their projects to prospective clients. I was responsible of development of their portfolio. Also deciding, coordinating and communicating with the graphic design office Cepa Studio in order to fulfil their envisioned design and art direction.


Snapshot of the mobile version.

I coded a responsive website suitable for desktop and mobile. As a metaphor of their multidisciplinar lines of work and provide dynamism, I developed a system that randomly changed the size of the project’s images displayed in the homepage, however we updated it into a different layout in between.

Although the office is no longer working as intended to be, it moved out from Santiago to Madrid and it is in continuous use and often updated for showcasing their projects.