• pcp-pebble-lamps
Pebble Lamps / Digital / Interaction Design / Physical Computing Prototyping
November 2016

As part of my MSc at UCL, for the module of Physical Computing Prototyping (PCP) I ideated and designed a Physical Computing Prototype that could portray a novel interaction to solve a particular problematic.

Based on utilising sensors, microcontrollers and digital fabrication, I developed and live-demonstrated a working prototype for the end of the module. I focused my project into the problematic of lack of customisation of indoor lighting in small households through an approach based on proxemic interactions.

Video depicting the prototyping process and a few case scenarios.

I first generated multiple ideas through sketching, then selected one strong idea and refined it through parallel prototyping its electronic design and form factors until becoming an integrated prototype. Within this process I designed the Pebble Lamps, a set of mobile lights designed for manually controlling the localisation and brightness of light sources in small households.


Ideation sketches and scenarios, while more lamps are placed together, the brighter they shine.


To put it simple, the lamps shine as the Sankara Stones from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.

These lamps sense the proximity between them and their brightness change depending on the distance and amount of lamps that are together. By introducing this interaction, the user can manually change the amount of brightness around their house through an easy and natural interaction. The interaction works a digital metaphor of the mental model of placing together timber for making the fire stronger and brighter.


List of artifacts developed during the prototyping process.

The prototype was finished and demoed in the presentation day along with the video of the prototype. Further work is needed for developing a gradual proximity sensing, other possible types of interaction and settings, as well as what other form factors would have been possible to use.


Possible scenario utilising the lamps in a public library / study room setting.