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Sala Cero / Galería Animal / Branding / Digital / UX/UI
November 2010

This work was commissioned to my fellow designer friend Alberto and to me by the art gallery Galería Animal located in Santiago. In this same building, a side gallery named ‘Sala Cero’ was opened with the purpose of exhibiting the work of young and emerging chilean artists.

sala cero

Mockup of current exhibition overview.

The objective was to maintain the same visual structure of Galería Animal’s website while providing a fresh and youthful image appealing to the target audience; show the artists works, communicate the upcoming exhibitions and news around these artists.

I designed the website and Alberto programmed it. The site had to be auto-administrable by a staff, so it was built in WordPress. The art direction involved the use of sans-serif typography in large sizes and bright colours to achieve a dynamic and fresh look.

sala cero

Mockup of past exhibitions section.

Although this gallery closed in 2013, looking back at the trajectory of the young artists which the web supported online, it can be appreciated that the great majority are nowadays artistic leaders on a national and international level.

sala cero

Mockup of artist description and image gallery.